Noah Gomez

Design & Development Portfolio

WA: Hiking Trail Finder [iOS] (2019)

Find your next adventure with the easy-to-use, Hiking Trail Finder

MusicHunt [Web] (2019)

Mobile Icons [Design]

Represent your brand with a beautiful, communicative icon.

Boosted Fitness [iOS] (2018)

The Boosted Fitness iOS App allows users to track their workouts and earn rewards by working out at specific gym locations. Get a group, set a goal, and start earning discounts to your favorite health & fitness stores!

Inflogo [iOS] (2017)

Organize and manage your organization’s events. Allow others to receive updates or view current information by simply sharing the event code.

What’s Going On? [iOS] (2017)

‘What’s Going On?’ provides students information on their campus’s events. Sort by major, time, and date to see specific study groups, workshops, and any other event hosted on campus.